The 'Bell'

Dec. 5, 1993

An 8 year old child is institutionalized following a violent tantrum in a Walmart. The child cut it's arm open tackling a display while being chased by it's Mother. The child was screaming and thrashing and did not calm down until paramedics arrived an hour later and tranquilized him. The child had spent all week complaining about an on and off ringing. A ringing that he somehow associated with a female student in his class.

He was temporarily institutionalized as a dangerous schizophrenic where his auditory hallucinations would suddenly stop but shortly there after develop into visual ones. For the next year he reported seeing a tall faceless man in a suit and would spent the majority of that year screaming and panicking over it. A week before he disappeared without a trace he told his long time therapist he had made friends with the 'long man' and that 'everything was gonna be okay now'.

Dec. 12, 1993

The 'female student', during counselling, tells her counselor that shes fine. That her friend will be fine because 'He' will help him. She predicts 'He' will also help several of her unhappy or frustrated classmates. She disappears a week later. By the end of the years, all the classmates she mentioned by name disappear without a trace.

These disappearances are later blamed on a child trafficking ring but no trace of them are ever found long after the ring is exposed and put out of business. 

June 10, 2011

S.T.A.B. brings in a female proxy during an attempt to abduct children from a park. When traced back to her place of residence/operation they found evidence of many children potentially having passed through the location over the years. She herself would later ID as a missing child from over years ago.

Under questioning, she eventually confessed to gathering children to meet and serve father. Something that traditionally does not work out for proxies. When questioned about her unbelievable success she revealed she had a 'magic' bell. One that only people who can see 'Father' can hear. She was apparently using it to filter out the children Father didn't actually want to meet.

The 'afflicted bell', as she called it, was apparently also helpful in identifying runners out of a crowd and fucking with hapless 'co-workers'. 

July 22, 2011

S.T.A.B. recovers the 'bell' from the proxy's squad, following their capture, and re-purposes it as a means to identify children at risk of fear based abduction.

Nov. 18, 2011

Following several failed attempts to intervene on the behalf of children deemed 'afflicted', S.T.A.B. declares such cases 'doomed'. Unable to find an ethical way to use the knowledge of who is or is not afflicted at such a tender age, the bell is deemed 'useless' and sent to their research and development team to be re-evaluated.

Oct. 10, 2011

The bell's metal is reshaped and reapplied to a contraption that scrapes the bell's ball against the flattened metal sheet that use to be the outer shell of the bell'. The contraption, reportedly, creates an ungodly screech that puts both runners and proxies and 'potentials' to their knees screaming in pain. Under continued stress of the 'noise', they eventually pass out. 

The 'bell' was scheduled for extensive field testing but the resulting massive chain of car crashes following it's initial use forced RnD to scale down their ambitious schedule for the 'bell'.

Dec. 24, 2011

S.T.A.B. attempts to use the 'bell' to bring down a special interest proxy. 'The Man In White'. MiW, though identified as a proxy, does not create the same resonance as other proxies when he utilizes the 'Path', assuming he even does. The resulting abnormality enabled the MiW to steal many of S.T.A.B.'s research subjects and objects before being detected.

Examination following identification determines the MiW's 'pathing' variant is in fact faster if not instantaneous. 

Following another visit/theft, the 'bell' was brought in to deal with the problem. The MiW did not react to the 'bell' as expected though. When exposed to the 'sound' he merely stopped and asked 'Go where?' and following another moment asked 'And whats with all the shouting.' A moment later, 'Uh... are thy there?'

An agent was sent in with the 'bell' in hopes that closer exposure would produce the desired response. Armed personal were went into with tranquilizers in the event it did not. When presented with an actual obstacle, the MiW immediately disappeared.

He reappeared ten minutes later and took the 'bell' before the agents could react to his presence and disappeared once more. He did not reappear that night and has not been seen with the 'bell' since. Agents have been unable to relocate him outside of a handful of sightings. The 'bell' is still missing.

After thoughts:
So, I found a magic box that makes 'noises' like Father does when you press it's big red button. It specifically sounds something like Father yelling 'Way' or 'Now', But at once over top of itself which is not entirely unlike him. S.T.A.B apparently tried to use it to capture me. So I stole it.

One of the proxies I stole back recognized it from experiments they had been performing on her. Apparently it was her bell once and they decided to weaponize it, which is kind of hilarious. I was gonna give her the box but then I found this report and realized how dangerous it really was. Miss Prancer didn't seem to mind being rid of it. So I've put it in storage.

But way to ruin the magic right? I mean seriously. This is the kind of thing you might find in a child's story. A bell you can only hear if you believe in impossible things. And they turned into a weapon. Typical.

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