Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's in God's Hands Now

So it’s probably safe to say we’re screwed.

In all seriousness, this is the hands off part of the scenario. It is a moment of truth. The outcome of this event will tell us if subject 926 is salvageable as an operative or if he is to remain a rabid animal that we dump on people we don’t like. I know it shouldn’t be a problem anymore but I am quite worried the programming won’t hold. I suppose it doesn’t really matter though. Picasso is expendable and we can just keep trying. If he fails long enough I’ll sure he’ll end up destroying himself and that’ll really be his own fault.

Either he is remolded or is destroyed destroying problems. Win freaking win.

Amy is so sure we’re going to break him. He’s already broken. That’s the problem. This is actually something more like reforging. And our forced onlooker, the executor, seems concerned with how free we leave subject 926. All that anger and confidence is what makes dear Duckie the dangerous vindictive thing he is and I would not see it dampened with a cage or a clipping or a fixing. The smart man has nothing to fear of fire. But his enemies always will.

Not a threat or anything,
Just a fact.

Monday, April 23, 2012

"Your Disguise is Slipping"

Well this has been an awkward few days.

I feel I may have over played my hand. Not that I actually played too strong a hand, but that I played my hand too strongly. I mean we’ve had this planned for a good few weeks now so it was going to happen but I definitely overacted and I’m afraid I may have jeopardized the experiment as a direct response. I’m terribly sorry about this ‘Whisper’. I promised you so much more when you agreed to bring me into your division and this will not happen again. There is absolutely no need to ensure it, I assure you.

Okay. Now that the stupid pleasantries are done, that was fucking awesome. I have been dying to stick it to Duckie like this for over a month now and it felt so good to let the mask slip off a little.

The aftermath of my little show wasn’t terrible. I mean I got beat with a chair, slugged every minute of the day for like 2 days straight, tied up every few hours, and eventually thrown off the roof but I think on the whole he took this really well. This was downright mature for him if we’re going to be honest about it. I’m almost proud.

We finally reached an understanding though. One he in particular can truly appreciate. I mean we’re proxies after all. And he, perhaps more than anyone else, really knows what that means. 

Report over. Fracture out.
Dr. Horrible reference for the win!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Code 5

Oh dear.
We’ll… no, let’s ignore the bad news for a moment in favor of a status update.

I’m struggling with subject 926 right now for rather obvious reasons. It’s hard to strike a balance between keeping tensions high and actually pissing the shithead off. I thought redirecting his aggression towards me to keep him from drawing more attention to himself with random murders was a good idea but it’s netted me a broken collar bone. I’m trying to have it treated in secret but it’s hard to hide a back brace.

I also fear we may be showing too much of Subject 926’s flesh. Revealing the root of his insecurities is consistent with our subtle humiliation and weakness punishment routine but this may have been premature in light of immediate plans. While I have no worries that he will harden his skin now that it’s been exposed I don’t know that he’ll have time before the times comes for T02 to hit. Especially in light of special variables….

This brings us to the bad news. Executor has caught a whiff of our operation. I’m declaring a code 5 security risk. We’re temporarily cutting ties with all outside resources linked to this operation. Shoot the dog. He is a potential liability here. Fire, you need to begin steeling yourself with meditation and for the love of god get Sloth on dream suppressants. He’s a bigger liability then the dog in this situation. I’d have you shoot him too if he wasn’t such an important piece on the board.

Move people!
Fracture out.

Friday, April 13, 2012


We have an interesting development here. Subject 926 has started reverting back to his dangerous unpredictable self in response to being returned to New York. This is seemly in response to his lost squad. He also hinted in his confused rage that he was feeling regret over the proxies he had needlessly cut down while he was ‘rampaging’ through New York. It seems likely that ‘proxy’ T01 is among those he feels guiltily about cutting down. Let us hope that is the case as it will make things all the more interesting when we send T02 after subject 926. With the right push, we can enforce new thought patterns and expand 926’s range of operations beyond simple killing. I have been eager for this.

On the other hand, his apprehension in New York will limit his range of function in this region and will most likely impede the trail. I could very well cause the trail to fail, it is rather severe. I’m taking steps to try to force him to see New York in a new light but the consequences of this will be beyond our control. As the old saying goes, once it starts it’ll be out of our hands.

We will have to trust young Ember to be a positive influence.

Are we agreed on this course of action?

Fracture out.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cuddly Return

Hehe. Petty parodies. I'm such a petty proxy.

Ever friendly Fracture here with his secret sinister psychology in tow.
I have made sufficient progress with subject 926 of project 'Phoenix' and have finally deemed the situation stable enough to start reporting in. 926 has become rather accustomed to my presence and no longer constantly looks over my shoulder when I type. Our dear subject has calmed down sufficiently since we 'killed' him and command word 'P' took hold without driving the subject to start blindly killing everything in his path like last time.

I have ran him through scenario 23A and simulation 134J over the course of which he suffered only one major crisis in regards to his outright refusal to kill children. I believe 926 is now simply adverse to harming children and will do so from here on out if we so require it. We are currently on our way to site #4857FG while stage hands prepare scenario 01P for our arrival.

All associated parties please check in through the comments following your reading of this report.

Petty Proxy Fracture out.