Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dotting the 'T's Crossing the 'I's

Lord Fracture sir, this is code named 'the Fire' reporting in a mission update for operation 'The Invisible Hand'.

Collaboration with 'Devil' and the hollows has finally yielded Fruit. All the necessary utilities are ready and have been prepped for use. Shipping can began as soon as orders start and roster templates have been automated to fill as necessary. I for one am very eager to see the reception of the project once it goes public.

On a sour note, operation 'Dead Painter' has reportedly failed. Our squads failed to bring down the Traitors Picasso/Firecracker and Moth/Trent and have since lost track of them. Clues are being collected on their where abouts but progress is increasingly slow going at the moment. With the completion of 'The Invisible Hand', 'Devil' will be reassigned to tracking their whereabouts.

His Eternal Flame Guide Us,
the Fire

Friday, October 5, 2012



Glorious, glorious victory. Let us not forget the brave sacrifices of those we lost along the way like Firecracker and Duckie who are both 100 percent dead. No doubts about that. We should probably remember Trent/Moth too, the traitor who cut down Firecracker to spite Duckie. Tragic, tragic stuff. But now the moment is up and we can forget about them, because fuck them, they aren’t here anymore. Just me and my victory. Life is sweet.

And then this happened:

“Congratulations child. Seems I won’t be killing you.”

“Hello disembodied voice… and my rooms on fire again. JEN!”

“Leave her. She is not necessary for this.”

“If you say so.”

“I have another request.”

“Of course you do. A simple hi and thank you would never do nowadays.”

“Watch your tone you pitiful little wretch. I need you to find me a suitable sh-… what is HE doing here?”

“Captain big, black, and quiet? No idea. He just sort of showed up and then stopped moving. Figured he was one of ours. Handed Jen this when I sent her over to investigate,” I explained showing the fire the picture I was holding.

“Using what’s left of my disciples as guinea pigs to explore dangerous unknowns.”

“She’s use to it at this point.”

“…,” and then for a moment I was engulfed in cold unburning flame. “One of these days cretin.”

“Not likely. In any event, he gave us this picture of a little boy so we went and grabbed him,” I said stepping out of the room and bringing out the child. “Like them blonde?”

“Never you mind!” the fire flared. “And thank you or something. Your continued efforts and devotion are… appreciated.”

“I bet,” I responded and after a moment the child was engulfed in flames. All the fire dissipated and when the child arose he was wearing piercing teal eyes.

“Back at last…” said the child hugging himself and taking a moment to jump for joy.

“So if we’re going to keep doing this, what should I be calling you.”



“You and your constant indignities. You are certainly not worthy enough to call me by my name…”

“I’d just fuck it up to piss you off anyways pyroiel,” I said and as I finished that sentence the child threw out his hand in my direction and I was engulfed in flame for a moment once more. “You like doing that.”

“I have missed it. I long for the unfaithful so I may feast… this child’s passion will do to sustain me for now.”

“We were talking about names.”

“Right. If Samael is to have a champion then so am I. Refer to me and my new host as ‘Torchlight’.”

“Like… the game?”

“What? Like a lit touch you ridiculous creature.”

“… Yeah, sure. We’ll go with that, Torchlight.”

“Keep your ear to the ground, we may yet have more need you child,” said the child moving over to the big black gentleman who was standing perfectly still. “Come my loyal brother. We’ve so much to do.”

“Before you two go, I have one last present. It’s my prized possession. I do believe it will serve you well. Do try to take good care of it for me.”

“Very well,” said Torchlight looking it over. “A fine gift. Finally trying to show some respect?”

“I get the sense it would be endangered if I tried to make any use of it. You might as well have it.”

“Pity,” said the child engulfing the gift in flames for a moment and then smiling. “But a gift is a gift.”

And with that Torchlight took the gift over to his ‘Brother’ and in an instant it was just me in the room again. I do believe that is the all clear Whisper. Return to the compound.

Fracture out.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This isn’t right.

It wasn’t supposed to go this way.
I’m not talking about the yet to be bitched about betrayal of Trent and loss of Firecracker, that was planned and happened on schedule. I’m talking about Subject 926, ‘Duckie’.

I’ve been in talks with Father since we got back from the mission. Been having arguments with might be a better way of putting it. He’s not budging this time… this time he wants blood.

I wanted to keep him. I thought I could save him.
But I guess that was never really my call… the time comes when all of us have to give up childish things I suppose.

Sucks to be Duckie.

Fracture out.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Visit from a Primordial

Sorry dear nobody for not posting on here for a couple of days. I address this to nobody since no one I don’t actually talk to on a daily basis reads this blog with the exception of the Executor and Irony and I haven’t heard from them for a while and I don’t honestly care a whole lot about them so they might as well be nobody at this point.

So I was visited by a primordial. Awkward right? How’s this to make it even more awkward, it was a primordial primordial. Confused? Look it up. Semantics are fun.

So anyways, it happened about a half a week ago. I think it was in response to, or at the very least caused by, Morningstar and Nightscream’s little rebellion. While I wouldn’t mind watching the Bureaucracy burn from a safe distance, I didn’t really expect to get called into action to help burn it down. I was actually kind of hoping it wouldn’t come to that more than anything, I don’t like getting my hands dirty but alas it seems unavoidable.

I knew I wasn’t alone when my Lab randomly lit on fire. Usually I have to make some conscious effort for that to happen. Then a voice spoke to me. The voice was violent and feminine. From its tone I think it was both angry and excited. I don’t really remember what it said to be honest. I was kind of freaking out which I like to pretend I don’t do but I am only human.

Ignoring it for the most part I asked it, “Do you mind if I go get my pet Fire Cultist for this?”

There was a pause followed by a confident, “Yes.”

So I popped out of the room and then popped back in dragging my half naked Fire Cultist in with me. Imaginary readers would remember her as ‘the Fire’ in her comments on my blog.

“Declare yourself my disciple!” it boomed.

“I am Jen,” she responded in a cold unfeeling and seemingly unnaturally soulless tone. “What is it you wish of my lord Pyriel?”

“You know of me?” it asked sounding a little surprised but keeping it’s righteous regal tone.

“Yes my lord. I have heard talk of a time when you spoke to us your worshippers. It is a great honor to be amongst the few to stand in your presence without getting consumed.”

“And why does one that knows of me and pays such grand reverence to me and is said to worship me speak with no strength or passion?” it asked becoming angry as it spoke the words.

“I am thus in your name. As the brightest flame goes fastest, so to do many who worship you faithfully. To ensure my continued existence so that I may rekindle the faith at an appropriate time and place I have forsaken all feeling and passion. Through knowledge alone I wait as embers to once again ignite your glory.”

“You give up your place with me in my name?”

“I do. Creation requires sacrifice.”

“I note your devotion.”

That went on for hours. I think I tuned it out after a while. I didn’t snap back to attention until I heard my name mentioned.

“Fracture, oh proven one, I demand your aid.”

“Sure. Word of warning, this will be run through Father,” I informed it.

There was a pause here. I imagined it being offended by my comment but a disembodied voice bellowing from fire has a hell of a poker face.

“As you please child,” it finally responded. It already sounded angry so I have no idea if it was angrier. “I request your service to aid in Ramael’s war against those who stand as an affront to Father.”

“You want me to help you strike down the Bureaucracy then?”

“Say it however you like child.”

“Very well, can I ask why?”

“No you may not.”

“How about I ask why you don’t appear to have a shell?”

Fire flared up around me. Though it did not burn me the intent was clear.

“I’ll have none of your insolence child!”

“It surely appears that you won’t.”

“And I will have an answer!”

“Yes. I’ll help you if Father approves.”

“Wise choice, child.”

“That has yet to be seen, Adult.”

“So it hasn’t,” it responded sounding a little amused.

And then the fires dissipated. I went to bed, had a talk with the Master in the morning, and then reprogrammed Subject 926’s list in the afternoon to send him after a squad of proxies who I believed had information pertinent to finding a highest.

Seems just like Nightscream and Morningstar, I’m going to have to kill my way up the line.

Fracture out.

Friday, August 31, 2012


Fruitful is all I can really describe this last week as to be perfectly honest. It’s like when you manage to line all the parts up just right in Tetris and a full four lines of blocks disappear leaving nothing to show they were ever there but your own sense of satisfaction and a shit load of points leaving you curious if you’re finally going to hit the high score and surpass all others who came before.

Since Ralph left a wopping high score of… let’s say 3, he did maybe three things right in his entire life, that means I’ve reached the top with the four points I made off my Tetris alone. Yay me.

First point:
My brainwashing sessions with Firecracker and whisper produced absolutely amazing results; we can send her back to Duckie as soon as possible without her freaking out anymore thus ensuring the continued existence of two valuable murderous assets.

Second point:
Not long after we finished manually reprogramming Firecracker Whisper had to take off and go into hiding. Apparently while he was out his entire office staff was wiped out and he is worried he’s going to be the next victim on Morningstar/Nightscream’s crusade.

While I am myself worried over the crusade and what it may bring, I know I have nothing to fear of it. Traitorous though I am, I have never crossed, disobeyed, or done anything to upset Father in anyway. So fuck the angels, I know I’m safe.

With whisper gone I now control all of Prometheus’ resources. Better hide those for now though, I’d hate to be mistaken for a tool (Highest).

Third Point:
In the chaos created by the war I started in Ember's organization, I managed to pluck a few of the smaller cells who were looking rather desperate for an out in the conflict. It was, after all, a war they never wanted over a matter they probably never considered until Mr. Fay brought it up. I granted them a full pardon and they're now enjoying room and board at the compound. They’ll prove interesting assets.

Point Four:
It would seem dear Duckie has finally began to see the light and is beginning to realize what a poor proxy he’s been. Always questioning and picking at the Masters will. Poor manners, that’s what that is.

This point has an unfortunate negative point attached. Duckie seems to be… reverting. That’s the best word I can put to it. 

He’s pulling a Trent and refuses to talk. I can understand where both of them got that annoying little habit from but it is extremely difficult to try to coordinate and communicate with a fucking mute. Honestly, I actually kind of liked the Mask cult with the exception of that one annoying fucking principle. I mean how do expect to draw in more members when the first step of initiation for your cult is you can’t fucking talk. Fucking morons.

I’m going to see if I can’t find a way to fix this.
Fracture Out.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Fracture Lies Over the Ocean

This is designation ‘Fracture’ checking in.

The three of you might be curious where I’ve been following my long and quite unprecedented absence from both posting on this blog and from the company of Mask squad’s operations as chronicled on Subject 926’s blog, ‘Wrath is Eternal’. To that I say… fuck you! I’m a grown adult and I can do whatever the hell I want without having to explain jack shit to anyone. You’re not my fucking mom!

That said, let me tell you where I’ve been.

After I disappeared following a short hunt in Florida, I popped back to the compound and checked out our experimental anti-sleep agent from here on referred to EAS#38. I took EAS#38 and popped back to a safe radius near New York and snuck back to the hotel. While Duckie was fast asleep in his room I started sending vaporized doses of EAS#38 to him through the vents until he eventually freaked out and tried to run. Kind of funny how easy it was to scare him off actually.

I chased Duckie down like the dog he is and hit him with increasing doses till he couldn’t sleep at all. Once I confirmed he was suffering from hallucinations brought on by the sleep deprivation, it was just a matter of waiting till Duckie left his hiding spot. Once he did, we snuck in and set up our show and then herded him back to the room to put the game into effect.

I for one think the Project was a success. It’s hard to say what the shit head was actually seeing but my guess is he was seeing ghosts of past victims and not the hollowed I was setting at him with pictures of past victims stapled over their faces. And how he screamed when I came in with a wig and lifted him into the closet by his throat.


So if only for his suffering, I’m calling this a win.

I think I'll give him a day to rest before I tip off his boy toy as to where he is.
Fracture out.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012



Wahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahahaha… ha… ha… ha.

Okay. I think I’m done… hahaha. Sorry. I can’t help but laugh every time I see Duckie crying. It’s like watching a moose fly or listening to a stupid hard headed squirrel talk. It’s particularly funny because of how unmanly he considers the act to be. All that shame must be weighing a heavy burden on his soul. Makes me proud to climb on his back and laugh in his face.

But you know, metaphorically. That’s probably a good way to go about getting myself beaten to death with a shovel.  …He he, cry baby.

Of course this is something of a double edged sword. Decreased time spent blacked out and the emotional attachment to the moments he is blotting out in his mind are actually signs that his condition is improving. As stated in one my earlier reports on Duckie’s blog “Wrath is Eternal”, I believe Duckie’s blackouts are a result of a dissociative disorder in which he cannot remember the killing because he can no longer stomach them. The fact that the killing moment is all he can’t seem to remember now and that he cries after every kill now would seem to support this hypothesis. The most likely trigger for the psychosis would be Duckie’s own ‘death’ as it seemed to have started after he was cut down and apparently reemerged.

Duckie is showing signs of sympathy.
Measures will be taken to fix that.
Fracture out.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Black Blood





“Fracture, check on the kids. Trent, go get the car. I want to be ready to load the little shits up in five minutes. Firecracker, help me sort through their shit.”

With that, Trent left out of one of the basement windows. He’s quite the peculiar guy. Had he used the stairs like a normal person, the disaster might have been averted.

“Payback time.”

It was one of Kreeger’s men. Somebody fucked up and didn’t quite finish their mark. He was bruised, bleeding, and suffering from a bullet wound in his lung. Bruising and firearms are telltale signs that Firecracker had brought this one down. Later debriefing revealed she had left him in a survivable state for interrogation purposes which would have proven useful had the willful fuck not forced himself back to his feet after she had left him. Sets of handcuffs will be issued in future endeavors requiring we capture subjects.

Gun drawn, alone, and staring down a one to three fight ready to break, Kreeger’s flunky forced his aim steady at Firecracker hell-bent on taking one of his attackers with him if he was going to die.

“Firecracker, look out!”

I cried out for her and started moving. She was caught off guard and froze. What a terrible to time to lose your nerve. I shoved her out of the way and ended up taking her bullet. Duckie didn’t hesitate. He drew his gun and fired three shots. Blam, blam, blam. There went the bastard’s liver, heart, and head.

I was bleeding. Once I confirmed the bullet was not in me, I used a coagulant to stop the bleeding and forced myself to my feet. Duckie was staring. He was fixated on something. I thought he might have actually been concerned before he opened his stupid mouth.

“Fracture… your bleeding….”
“Ye-” “Black blood.”
“…Oh dear.”
“Why are y-” “Goodnight Duckie.” “-ou…”

And he passed out.

“What are you going to-” “I do believe you have your orders already dear. Get back to work. Leave this to me.”

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Well I do believe that session provided the sweet revenge I was looking for. It almost gave me some bruises to match but Subject 926 finally chilled out. Not that I didn’t have to coach him down before his silly ass could find some peace.

I’ve not seen him quite so riled up since the incident with Picasso. I guess we’re calling her Firecracker now, hilarious considering she is terrified of explosions. I suppose I can always call her by her name, but she gets kind of pissy about that.

Although, she might be too distracted with Duckie throwing actual firecrackers at her to notice anything I say on here.

On a more concerning note, some snoop has been blogging and commenting around looking to get the drop on Father. Hard to blame her, I kind of did the same thing. What actually concerns me is Duckie has noticed and taken an interest. His obsession with the master is destructive. We could lose him if the moron was ever unfortunate enough to get his way.

I’m going to buy him some more firecrackers and we’ll see if throwing firecrackers at Firecracker is distracting enough to steal away his attention.

Fracture out.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


New phone, new phone, god I love my new phone. It’s shiny and new and you’d love it too if it ever belonged to you!

But seriously, I hate this thing. It has none of my old information and I have to relook up contacts. People are dying. Many people don’t like to be found, and that’s why I had them in my fucking phone. So I wouldn’t have to find them. They were always just a fucking dial away. Wrath. WRAATTHH. I’m angry.


Now that my crack team of retards has fixed the red alert issue they created, things are finally starting to settle down. I’ve been throwing fights at Mask squad slowly. I’m letting them recover. Firecracker needed it. Dare I say it? She was rather burnt out. Hehe. Witty. I AM SO FUCKING WITTY. And angry. I need a way to get back at stupid fuck for breaking my phone.

I think it’s time for a psychological evaluation.
Fracture Out!

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Busy, busy, busy. I might have over done it with the red alerts.

Not intentionally, of course, but I made the mistake of having the Fire program in the red alerts. Rather than just designate a hand full of people as red alerts on a schedule for me, she wrote an entire algorithm for the function I described to her on why the red alerts would even exist and implemented it into the lists system. I have since had her hard at work isolating the algorithm and modifying it so we can designate the targets ourselves and, more importantly, turn them off so the most dangerous person on the list at any given moment isn’t automatically moved to the top, red flagged, and given a time limit.

Subject 926 has been working everyone us to the ground. Poor Firecracker hasn’t even been allowed sleep. He’s been particularly hard on her for some reason. I think he might have already picked her in his mind to replace him. Guess it doesn’t pay to be the favorite under a psychopath. Who would have thought?


Monday, June 4, 2012


And here I was convinced he was letting his guard down. It seems he’s just as paranoid and dangerous as he ever was. He’s just being less grumpy about it. I won’t make that mistake again. Let shithead be cheery. It’ll just make it all the more fun when I can start torturing him again.

I don’t know that my nervous system could survive another full dose of that gunk in the face. I’ve been trying to hide it but I’m feeling a little crippled. I can’t feel my pinky fingers anymore. I’m hoping that’s temporary. I’ve also been suffering from severe headaches. At times I can’t see straight, my eyes keep blurring. I’ll keep you guys posted on that. I’m sure those of you who are to be terminated upon my death will be watching with eager eyes.

Prayers my dears, It never hurts to say a few prayers.

As far as Subject 926 is concerned, I’m in top condition. He seems to be struggling with this team concept. He went out and killed his first assignment on his own. I’m hacking and dialing up the list to overwhelming levels. It is delegate or die time.

I’m going to take a nap and see where he is on that later.
Fracture out!

Monday, May 28, 2012


Well, this may have very well been my most grievous miss calculation in quite some time. I feel stupider than when I spent an hour making up a sob story to tell ‘Joseph’ and two hours making shitty little props to go along with it.

I’m going to be blunt, I’ve drugged Duckie.

I cracked a canister of a drug I’d rather not name at the moment and let it fill the room. That one canister could probably do him through the week so I can’t trust the situation to resolve itself any longer; I’m going to have to go remove it myself. Can’t have him vulnerable and advertising himself for that long. I probably shouldn’t have let it go on for as long as I have given the dangerous hit squads that have been out.

I don’t know why I thought Duckie could figure this out. The point was for him to find the canister and get his guard up. He’s been too happy since I told him he’s getting a squad, far too hopeful. I need him guarded and ready for anything.

Oh well. I guess everyone has their limits.
I guess its best I found his now.
Fracture out!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Better Place

This job is a hard one. I sometimes have long sleepless nights where I sit there in bed and remember all of the people who I’ve stomped on to bring Father’s game forward. Most of the time, I can push these bothersome thoughts aside. But sometimes it’s far too much to bare. A fractured mind is capable of so much but everything has its limits. It almost sickens me that this was the best I could have had in life. I wonder if my younger self would approve of this life? I hope so. Someone really should.

All those people I’ve killed, the poor saps I’ve driven insane, the lost souls I’ve manipulated into weapons for my Master. I remember this poor man… I skinned his grandson in front of him and pressed him into service on the threat that I would do the same to his granddaughter. Unfortunately she had to be present for that process. She’s still very much catatonic. She says his name sometimes…

“Jack… Jack…”
It’s heart breaking.

But then I think, ‘What if I hadn’t been there?’ What if someone else had been given the same task? I mean, it’s stupid to assume these tasks would have never happened without my existing. How much worse would these people be if some asshole had failed trying to do what I do?

I see my victim’s deaths being carried out improperly making them pointless when the point fails to get across. I see people being driven to madness through wholly ineffective means leaving them to face more hardship down the road when they finally come out of it. I see lost souls being tortured but never finding a new home or learning of the small comfort working for Him brings.

I see little Jack being slaughtered only for the man to refuse service and leave with his little catatonic brat at the first opportunity he got.

Countless atrocities committed for little, if any, gain making every act pointless.
I know from my heart that I make this world a better place…
Just not for everyone.
Fracture out.   :D

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Big Boy Pants

Well that was an interesting turn of events. Try as subject 926 might to sound upset, suspicious, and paranoid; he certainly seems to be excited at the prospect of getting to lead a squad. Although I highly suspect being a squad leader means something else to him than it does to most. In his time with a squad, the squads were like small families with the squad leader acting as a head of the house hold. So I’m sure Duckie, on some level at least, is psyched that he finally gets to put on the big boy pants and be an adult.

I’ve been relishing my time spent away from him. I can finally use the path again to get around, which has been quite the incredible time saver. I had honestly forgotten how immensely useful that was. As those of you who are actually a part of my affairs know, I got to visit the compound. I also dropped in on a football game and popped over to England to pick up some tea. You know it’s still taxed to all hell there? It’s totally worth it though, in my opinion at least.

I still have things that need doing abroad but most of that is in site #4958 where Whisper has set up shop, in New York, or at the compound.  I’m thinking I really ought to check in on Duckie real soon here before he does something stupid. I figure he also needs me to make an appearance if he is going to make a Fracture squad member post.

Lets go see how Daddy’s pants are fitting him,
Fracture out.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Math, Thou Art a Cruel Bitch

So, I have great news everyone. Subject 926 actually managed to pass his little Picasso test and with flying colors no less. I’m calling this experiment a complete success. It is undeniable proof that he can learn and be reprogrammed into something far more useful than a rabid dog. I’m so happy I stopped by Ralph’s grave on the way to Whisper and shot up his corpse some. People complain about beating a dead horse but that shit is fun. Fuck you Ralph. I was right, you were wrong.

Besides a nasty headache, little concussion, and her screaming for the entirety of the trip, Picasso seems to be doing well. We had her ‘Sentencing’ today. Hehe. As if I didn’t already know what was going to happen. He fixed her. She should be far more manageable now. I’m sure our nosy readers on Wrath is Eternal will have all kinds of questions over this but Duckie is both too stupid and stubborn to pay it any real mind. I’m sure he’ll just be happy to see her alive.

I bet he’s all kind of fidgety over his new squad. While that is fun, it is counterproductive for our new cause. For once this is not a test. Numbers are numbers and Whisper needs results if experiments are to resume. Buckle down people; we’re pulling double time in all departments. Sloth, you’re pulling quadruple time to make sure you’re working as hard as everyone else you slacking piece of shit! Move!

But like, tomorrow. Or never. You’re both fucking advisory position and neither of you ever seem to say shit.

Infinity times zero is still zero so… just stay the course I guess.
Fracture out!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I'll Take You to the Coffee Shop~

But first some notes on the experiment at hand. I have to say I am quite impressed with Subject 926’s ability to make sure his marks go down and never get up. I say a lot of nasty things about the kid but that dick is a natural killing machine. Even I grimaced at what he did to that woman with the net and I’ve done some right terrible things. I suppose we have Ralph to thank for Duckie’s incredible efficiency, at least in part anyways.

But that dead, dopy, douche bag is also the cause of what is troubling Duckie now. Apparently 926 was never taught the merits of self control which, thinking about it now, really explains a lot of his problems. Control is mandatory in most higher functioning tasks. He’ll be a much more valuable asset and far less of a liability if he can just work past this.

I issued another command and tried to talk him through it but at the end of the day it’s all on him.

Title topic time! While Duckie was off on one of his three hour naps, I slipped off to the CafĂ© to pay ‘Joseph’ a visit. It was far more pleasant than I thought it would be but that had a lot more to do with his squad not being around than the man himself. I congratulated him and then we talked. Tricks were shown off, tables were carved, muscles were flexed, cake and coffee was consumed, threats were thrown around, lies were told, assets were shared, and favors were owed. I was all quite standard really.

I certainly wouldn’t say I gained an ally after the sorted affair, but I do believe I gained a contact.
At the end of the day, I tend to find a contact far more useful anyways.

Now if you would excuse me, a car seems to have just broken through our motel door.
Fracture out!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

In Memory of Ralph

So Subject 926 passed.

We did it. We really did it. I would like to take this moment to thank Ralph, the man who was overseeing Duckie’s progress before me. I would like to thank him for failing at his job as hard as he did for if he hadn’t this victory would not have been possible. Thank you Ralph, may the shallow grave I left you in be violated often by all manner of horrible thing. Seriously Ralph, you sucked.

As an added bonus, I also got to try out overseer protocol 13A on Subject 926’s laptop. That was a lot of fun. I really got to lay into Duckie for the first time without having to worry about his constant love taps. I mean, it obviously didn’t work out for me in the end.  Poke the bear too hard and he’ll maul you,… or in my case break your left third rib. God fucking damn it that hurt. He didn’t even pierce the skin, just broke the rib. I had to cut into myself to set the bone. It was worth it though, more in principle than anything else though.

While we’re on sour notes, I noticed we have a new finger in the pot. I’m trying to play this one a little cooler than I did with Executor. They call him “Joseph” and he seems to be… well to be perfectly honest I have no idea what he’s after. Best guess, he’s legitimately trying to help Subject 926 which I couldn’t even began to understand. I could see it coming from Ember but not from “Joseph”. Doesn’t really matter though, the problem seems to have fixed itself with “Joseph”'s new promotion. I’m sure he’ll be far too busy to really make a difference now. I might stop by and congratulate him in person just to really rub it in his face. That would be the proper thing to do.

Fracture out!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's in God's Hands Now

So it’s probably safe to say we’re screwed.

In all seriousness, this is the hands off part of the scenario. It is a moment of truth. The outcome of this event will tell us if subject 926 is salvageable as an operative or if he is to remain a rabid animal that we dump on people we don’t like. I know it shouldn’t be a problem anymore but I am quite worried the programming won’t hold. I suppose it doesn’t really matter though. Picasso is expendable and we can just keep trying. If he fails long enough I’ll sure he’ll end up destroying himself and that’ll really be his own fault.

Either he is remolded or is destroyed destroying problems. Win freaking win.

Amy is so sure we’re going to break him. He’s already broken. That’s the problem. This is actually something more like reforging. And our forced onlooker, the executor, seems concerned with how free we leave subject 926. All that anger and confidence is what makes dear Duckie the dangerous vindictive thing he is and I would not see it dampened with a cage or a clipping or a fixing. The smart man has nothing to fear of fire. But his enemies always will.

Not a threat or anything,
Just a fact.

Monday, April 23, 2012

"Your Disguise is Slipping"

Well this has been an awkward few days.

I feel I may have over played my hand. Not that I actually played too strong a hand, but that I played my hand too strongly. I mean we’ve had this planned for a good few weeks now so it was going to happen but I definitely overacted and I’m afraid I may have jeopardized the experiment as a direct response. I’m terribly sorry about this ‘Whisper’. I promised you so much more when you agreed to bring me into your division and this will not happen again. There is absolutely no need to ensure it, I assure you.

Okay. Now that the stupid pleasantries are done, that was fucking awesome. I have been dying to stick it to Duckie like this for over a month now and it felt so good to let the mask slip off a little.

The aftermath of my little show wasn’t terrible. I mean I got beat with a chair, slugged every minute of the day for like 2 days straight, tied up every few hours, and eventually thrown off the roof but I think on the whole he took this really well. This was downright mature for him if we’re going to be honest about it. I’m almost proud.

We finally reached an understanding though. One he in particular can truly appreciate. I mean we’re proxies after all. And he, perhaps more than anyone else, really knows what that means. 

Report over. Fracture out.
Dr. Horrible reference for the win!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Code 5

Oh dear.
We’ll… no, let’s ignore the bad news for a moment in favor of a status update.

I’m struggling with subject 926 right now for rather obvious reasons. It’s hard to strike a balance between keeping tensions high and actually pissing the shithead off. I thought redirecting his aggression towards me to keep him from drawing more attention to himself with random murders was a good idea but it’s netted me a broken collar bone. I’m trying to have it treated in secret but it’s hard to hide a back brace.

I also fear we may be showing too much of Subject 926’s flesh. Revealing the root of his insecurities is consistent with our subtle humiliation and weakness punishment routine but this may have been premature in light of immediate plans. While I have no worries that he will harden his skin now that it’s been exposed I don’t know that he’ll have time before the times comes for T02 to hit. Especially in light of special variables….

This brings us to the bad news. Executor has caught a whiff of our operation. I’m declaring a code 5 security risk. We’re temporarily cutting ties with all outside resources linked to this operation. Shoot the dog. He is a potential liability here. Fire, you need to begin steeling yourself with meditation and for the love of god get Sloth on dream suppressants. He’s a bigger liability then the dog in this situation. I’d have you shoot him too if he wasn’t such an important piece on the board.

Move people!
Fracture out.

Friday, April 13, 2012


We have an interesting development here. Subject 926 has started reverting back to his dangerous unpredictable self in response to being returned to New York. This is seemly in response to his lost squad. He also hinted in his confused rage that he was feeling regret over the proxies he had needlessly cut down while he was ‘rampaging’ through New York. It seems likely that ‘proxy’ T01 is among those he feels guiltily about cutting down. Let us hope that is the case as it will make things all the more interesting when we send T02 after subject 926. With the right push, we can enforce new thought patterns and expand 926’s range of operations beyond simple killing. I have been eager for this.

On the other hand, his apprehension in New York will limit his range of function in this region and will most likely impede the trail. I could very well cause the trail to fail, it is rather severe. I’m taking steps to try to force him to see New York in a new light but the consequences of this will be beyond our control. As the old saying goes, once it starts it’ll be out of our hands.

We will have to trust young Ember to be a positive influence.

Are we agreed on this course of action?

Fracture out.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cuddly Return

Hehe. Petty parodies. I'm such a petty proxy.

Ever friendly Fracture here with his secret sinister psychology in tow.
I have made sufficient progress with subject 926 of project 'Phoenix' and have finally deemed the situation stable enough to start reporting in. 926 has become rather accustomed to my presence and no longer constantly looks over my shoulder when I type. Our dear subject has calmed down sufficiently since we 'killed' him and command word 'P' took hold without driving the subject to start blindly killing everything in his path like last time.

I have ran him through scenario 23A and simulation 134J over the course of which he suffered only one major crisis in regards to his outright refusal to kill children. I believe 926 is now simply adverse to harming children and will do so from here on out if we so require it. We are currently on our way to site #4857FG while stage hands prepare scenario 01P for our arrival.

All associated parties please check in through the comments following your reading of this report.

Petty Proxy Fracture out.