Monday, September 10, 2012

Visit from a Primordial

Sorry dear nobody for not posting on here for a couple of days. I address this to nobody since no one I don’t actually talk to on a daily basis reads this blog with the exception of the Executor and Irony and I haven’t heard from them for a while and I don’t honestly care a whole lot about them so they might as well be nobody at this point.

So I was visited by a primordial. Awkward right? How’s this to make it even more awkward, it was a primordial primordial. Confused? Look it up. Semantics are fun.

So anyways, it happened about a half a week ago. I think it was in response to, or at the very least caused by, Morningstar and Nightscream’s little rebellion. While I wouldn’t mind watching the Bureaucracy burn from a safe distance, I didn’t really expect to get called into action to help burn it down. I was actually kind of hoping it wouldn’t come to that more than anything, I don’t like getting my hands dirty but alas it seems unavoidable.

I knew I wasn’t alone when my Lab randomly lit on fire. Usually I have to make some conscious effort for that to happen. Then a voice spoke to me. The voice was violent and feminine. From its tone I think it was both angry and excited. I don’t really remember what it said to be honest. I was kind of freaking out which I like to pretend I don’t do but I am only human.

Ignoring it for the most part I asked it, “Do you mind if I go get my pet Fire Cultist for this?”

There was a pause followed by a confident, “Yes.”

So I popped out of the room and then popped back in dragging my half naked Fire Cultist in with me. Imaginary readers would remember her as ‘the Fire’ in her comments on my blog.

“Declare yourself my disciple!” it boomed.

“I am Jen,” she responded in a cold unfeeling and seemingly unnaturally soulless tone. “What is it you wish of my lord Pyriel?”

“You know of me?” it asked sounding a little surprised but keeping it’s righteous regal tone.

“Yes my lord. I have heard talk of a time when you spoke to us your worshippers. It is a great honor to be amongst the few to stand in your presence without getting consumed.”

“And why does one that knows of me and pays such grand reverence to me and is said to worship me speak with no strength or passion?” it asked becoming angry as it spoke the words.

“I am thus in your name. As the brightest flame goes fastest, so to do many who worship you faithfully. To ensure my continued existence so that I may rekindle the faith at an appropriate time and place I have forsaken all feeling and passion. Through knowledge alone I wait as embers to once again ignite your glory.”

“You give up your place with me in my name?”

“I do. Creation requires sacrifice.”

“I note your devotion.”

That went on for hours. I think I tuned it out after a while. I didn’t snap back to attention until I heard my name mentioned.

“Fracture, oh proven one, I demand your aid.”

“Sure. Word of warning, this will be run through Father,” I informed it.

There was a pause here. I imagined it being offended by my comment but a disembodied voice bellowing from fire has a hell of a poker face.

“As you please child,” it finally responded. It already sounded angry so I have no idea if it was angrier. “I request your service to aid in Ramael’s war against those who stand as an affront to Father.”

“You want me to help you strike down the Bureaucracy then?”

“Say it however you like child.”

“Very well, can I ask why?”

“No you may not.”

“How about I ask why you don’t appear to have a shell?”

Fire flared up around me. Though it did not burn me the intent was clear.

“I’ll have none of your insolence child!”

“It surely appears that you won’t.”

“And I will have an answer!”

“Yes. I’ll help you if Father approves.”

“Wise choice, child.”

“That has yet to be seen, Adult.”

“So it hasn’t,” it responded sounding a little amused.

And then the fires dissipated. I went to bed, had a talk with the Master in the morning, and then reprogrammed Subject 926’s list in the afternoon to send him after a squad of proxies who I believed had information pertinent to finding a highest.

Seems just like Nightscream and Morningstar, I’m going to have to kill my way up the line.

Fracture out.

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  1. Why does everyone apologize for not posting? I haven't checked in weeks, and find this little tidbit. I'm happy just to know you fucks are alive.