Friday, October 5, 2012



Glorious, glorious victory. Let us not forget the brave sacrifices of those we lost along the way like Firecracker and Duckie who are both 100 percent dead. No doubts about that. We should probably remember Trent/Moth too, the traitor who cut down Firecracker to spite Duckie. Tragic, tragic stuff. But now the moment is up and we can forget about them, because fuck them, they aren’t here anymore. Just me and my victory. Life is sweet.

And then this happened:

“Congratulations child. Seems I won’t be killing you.”

“Hello disembodied voice… and my rooms on fire again. JEN!”

“Leave her. She is not necessary for this.”

“If you say so.”

“I have another request.”

“Of course you do. A simple hi and thank you would never do nowadays.”

“Watch your tone you pitiful little wretch. I need you to find me a suitable sh-… what is HE doing here?”

“Captain big, black, and quiet? No idea. He just sort of showed up and then stopped moving. Figured he was one of ours. Handed Jen this when I sent her over to investigate,” I explained showing the fire the picture I was holding.

“Using what’s left of my disciples as guinea pigs to explore dangerous unknowns.”

“She’s use to it at this point.”

“…,” and then for a moment I was engulfed in cold unburning flame. “One of these days cretin.”

“Not likely. In any event, he gave us this picture of a little boy so we went and grabbed him,” I said stepping out of the room and bringing out the child. “Like them blonde?”

“Never you mind!” the fire flared. “And thank you or something. Your continued efforts and devotion are… appreciated.”

“I bet,” I responded and after a moment the child was engulfed in flames. All the fire dissipated and when the child arose he was wearing piercing teal eyes.

“Back at last…” said the child hugging himself and taking a moment to jump for joy.

“So if we’re going to keep doing this, what should I be calling you.”



“You and your constant indignities. You are certainly not worthy enough to call me by my name…”

“I’d just fuck it up to piss you off anyways pyroiel,” I said and as I finished that sentence the child threw out his hand in my direction and I was engulfed in flame for a moment once more. “You like doing that.”

“I have missed it. I long for the unfaithful so I may feast… this child’s passion will do to sustain me for now.”

“We were talking about names.”

“Right. If Samael is to have a champion then so am I. Refer to me and my new host as ‘Torchlight’.”

“Like… the game?”

“What? Like a lit touch you ridiculous creature.”

“… Yeah, sure. We’ll go with that, Torchlight.”

“Keep your ear to the ground, we may yet have more need you child,” said the child moving over to the big black gentleman who was standing perfectly still. “Come my loyal brother. We’ve so much to do.”

“Before you two go, I have one last present. It’s my prized possession. I do believe it will serve you well. Do try to take good care of it for me.”

“Very well,” said Torchlight looking it over. “A fine gift. Finally trying to show some respect?”

“I get the sense it would be endangered if I tried to make any use of it. You might as well have it.”

“Pity,” said the child engulfing the gift in flames for a moment and then smiling. “But a gift is a gift.”

And with that Torchlight took the gift over to his ‘Brother’ and in an instant it was just me in the room again. I do believe that is the all clear Whisper. Return to the compound.

Fracture out.


  1. That color is not teal. You are misrepresenting my lord.

    1. Who cares. It's close enough. Not like anyone is ever going to see this anyways.