Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dotting the 'T's Crossing the 'I's

Lord Fracture sir, this is code named 'the Fire' reporting in a mission update for operation 'The Invisible Hand'.

Collaboration with 'Devil' and the hollows has finally yielded Fruit. All the necessary utilities are ready and have been prepped for use. Shipping can began as soon as orders start and roster templates have been automated to fill as necessary. I for one am very eager to see the reception of the project once it goes public.

On a sour note, operation 'Dead Painter' has reportedly failed. Our squads failed to bring down the Traitors Picasso/Firecracker and Moth/Trent and have since lost track of them. Clues are being collected on their where abouts but progress is increasingly slow going at the moment. With the completion of 'The Invisible Hand', 'Devil' will be reassigned to tracking their whereabouts.

His Eternal Flame Guide Us,
the Fire

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