Thursday, January 3, 2013

Moth the Grid

Lord Fluffy, this is 'Devil' checking in.

I've finished digging through the files, reports, video feeds, and testimonies we collected from the Florida and Tennessee sites and I'm afraid our Truck and ATV lead on tracking Moth has gone completely cold.

A truck was reported stolen the day Cornelius 'Moth' Riles fled Florida. Much later reports reveal that the truck had it's plates swapped with ones taken from a mini-van in what I must assume was an effort to evade both us and the law. Not far from where Kenny was being kept, there is a sales record of an ATV matching our video footage. The ATV was reportedly sold to a 'Masked Man'. An interview with the salesman who made the sale revealed the mask's description to bear a very closely resemblance to Moth's.

A Masked figure matching Moth's description later reportedly sold both the truck and ATV at a used car lot for a few hundred dollars in Arkansas. The Mini-Van's plates, only recently discovered as stolen, flagged this morning leading authorities to the dealership to interview the salesman on his sale.

There have been, however, no more sightings of a masked man in that area since he sold the truck and ATV and while there were a few car sales that day to follow up on none of the buyers were masked or match Moth's description.

We suspect he is still on the move but we can no longer be sure of how he is moving. Given his known appearances, he has been making a wide arc towards Texas and is likely heading for Hope and Picasso but there is no telling when or how he will show up.

I recommend preparations be made to anticipate Moth's arrival and extremely likely interference in Picasso's apprehension.


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