Monday, October 6, 2014

If You Are Binging This Blog, Start here.

I'm serious. Everything before this is absolutely gibberish. If you must read it, know that most of it's entries really only make sense when in the context of events that were happening on the Wrath is Eternal blog and is best read along side Duckie's Entries for Wrath is Eternal.

With that said, I'm starting this blog back up for my own personal use again now that owner ship of Wrath is Eternal has passed from me to Sloth.

And now for some partially cryptic shit from my new side kick, Jack, Maggot and Sloth's replacement.


The sound of loud footsteps could be heard throughout the small warehouse, echoing against the bare concrete floor and metal walls. They were gathered around a barrel fire, three of them, trying to keep warm as they stood watch over a light arsenal of pistols, knives, and bullets. The more Faithful one amongst them had a rifle out. He was pacing the ground from entrance to entrance diligently. Something his fellow timberwolves were ragging on him for.

"Calm the fuck down. Aint nothing gonna happen," said the first guard.

"Yeah. We've had this gig for half a year now. You'll freeze your ass off if you keep like that. Come stand with us. We'll get a card game going or something," said the second guard.

"I was sent here to intercept trouble. Trouble is coming. I will intercept it. Have you no Faith in my orders?" said the wandering third guard.

"God damn it, its like talking to a wall. News flash buddy, we're all here to 'intercept trouble'. Its what fucking guard duty is. You wanna catch a cold and die, thats your problem. We're playing cards," said a forth guard pulling a table over and pulling out a deck box from his bag.

Custom cards, Ritzy. 

They played through a round before the footsteps stopped.

"Yo, Raphi-uh... what the fuck was his name? Hey asshole, everything alright over there?"

And then the music started. It blared deafeningly loud through the warehouse in all directions.

"And when the coyotes, they sing in the park"

"What the fu-"

"It's when the city lights start fallin' for the sea"

And then the lights went out. Footsteps rang out along the side of the building.

"Shit!" and all three of the remaining guards stood up and fired at that wall.

"Did we get it?" asked one of them before a knife flew out of the darkness on his left and cut his throat open. He fired twice into the air, gasping for breath before slumping over into one of friends.

"While them roads are windin' down, and the flying men'll hit the ground"

The free one pulled a flashlight and held his gun out, firing at nothing at first in the direction that the knife came from before making a sweep with his flashlight confirming that there was nothing there. 

"Son of bitch. Jonny, is Eric gonna make it?" he asked in a frustrated tone, keeping an eye out so he wouldn't be snuck up on. To his horror, Jonny didn't answer. "Jonny?" he called again with a more concerned tone.

"Every motion is close to the touch"

He turned around to check on his buddies to find Jonny collapsed and braced into the fire barrel, his face sizzling against heated metal and his throat and stomach ripped open.

"By the Angel..." he whispered to himself in terror, "Fuck this. I'm getting out of here."

The song verse finished as he ran for the door in a blind rush.

"The coyotes sing when they taste on your lovin'"

He made it just out the door when a small figure jumped on his back and ripped his back open with his knfe, throwing it's weight forward to make sure the last surviving timberwolf fell forward.

He screamed in pain and started begging as the small figured grabbed the man by the back of his hair and pulled his head back, exposing his neck.

"No, no, no, NO, NO!" he pleaded as Jack slit his throat and stood up, pressing a button on a device tied to his wrist to make the music start one last time.

"Hello, we're comin' back for more
You know why we're comin' for you
You know we should be, we should be together
'Cause once we rock, we won't wanna stop
Not today or tomorrow
And not today or tomorrow, oh no
You better lock your doors
You know why, 'cause we want you
'Cause we like you a lot"

"Cute," I said stepping into view.

"Yeah? How did I do?" asked Jack with a bright grin, clearly proud of his little killing spree.

"Well it was a creative, well though out, well planned out, and then well executed... execution. It had lots of style and flare. None of them escaped or survived and you certainly got the job done."

"Fuck yes, I knew I rocked this!" he cheered hopping in triumph, a knife in one hand, his mask in the other.

"So I think I'll give this a D."

"What the fuck? I thought you said I did good."

"You did... but it took you three hours to set up this elaborate little thing you did and now I'm running late for a date. Grab your shit and get in the car. We're going."

"Fuck you Fuck Face, that was a solid C and you know it."


And then we left to salvage what was left of my dinner plans.

This is about what you can expect from me and my blog. Murder, some sciency stuff from time to time when I can be bothered to make anything I know public, and personal shit.

Hope you're into that.

Fracture out.


  1. So you really have started a war with other servants. Interesting.

    1. I trust you bear no ill will to my kind, who have not started such hostilities, then?

    2. Hard to say. I don't trust the Blind Man. He doesn't fight fair.

    3. Not conventionally. Much like Europeans didn't technically fight the American natives when they handed out small pox blankets.

    4. This is perhaps a bit hypocritical coming from a blog titled what it is.

    5. I wear a white coat and I'm special. Where is the contradiction?