Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Mid Fall Night's Breeze

So this post is personal shit. You murder and science lovers can just skip over this one if you like. Everyone else, prepare to get personal~

So, I mentioned last post that Jack made me late for a hot date that could very well be the death of me. Although I think I just used the word 'date'. If ever I mention a date in a later post, the 'could very well be the death of me' is implied. I seem to have a type.

So, I bet you're asking yourself one thing: 'Who's the Lucky girl?'

The answer would be David. And I'm gonna tell him you called him a girl. Brace for death, hehe.

Yes, I had a date with the Legendary David Banks, star of the Free Market's most popular post series: 'My Little David, Rape is Magic.' I'm proud to anounce that I have not died or been raped... but there was magic.  ^_^

So, like I said, we showed up late. David invited us in and I got to see Em. She looks okay. Shes unfortunately wheelchair bound now... kind of wish I had done more when they I found out she was taken.

I gave her a gift. The most glorious of gifts! A white lab coat. She looked spiffy as shit in it. Almost makes up for the doing nothing dealing with my own problems when she got shot in the back thing. You know... almost.

We left Jack with the Em so they could be babysat by Maggot. Mute babysitter is the best babysitter. They can't complain afterwards. Same age babysitter is also the best babysitter, because they can just watch each other.

While they were at home, David and I went out to the steak house and had a ritzy and classy fucking meal. Shit was top knotch, if can say so myself in the classiest way possible. 

After that we went a walk and talked for a while. He expressed his guilt over what happened to Em. 

 "But the person who did was because of me. I let her go and told her to run. Ignored Andre in favor of Jessica. Left her alone."

Poor thing. I could sense it was pointless to try to convince him otherwise so I swapped topics for a while. Eventually we found ourselves on a park bench were we could start out on the stars in the inky black sky as we continued to talk about where our lives are now. I told him I've taken up hunting the cultists for other fears. Asked for pointers.

"Know what you're up against."

"That's one strength I do have," I retorted with a laugh.

After that things got awkward and silent. He stared back and forth between the stars as if he was reading out answers to his own question in the sky.

"Fracture... what would happen if I tried to kiss you now?"

"Besides my hair potentially changing colors? I think I'd blush."

"You wouldn't object?"

"You're asking and everything. Very gentlemanly. How could I refuse it at this point?"

And we shared a gentle little kiss~

Not quiet what I was expecting from him but a pleasant surprise all the same. I decided to follow it up with a bit of Shakespeare.

"I do believe you kiss by the book."

"Odd. I'm not so great at reading."

"That could very telling of why then" I teased.

After that we went back to his place and, how can be gentlemanly with this?

I... made him a delivery~

But we stopped after that. We decided it would be best to take things a little slower than we were going. I'm far to classy to go all the way on a first date anyways. All in all, it was a lovely evening and I'm looking forward to another one.

On the flip side, Jack destroyed David's living room and trashed the kitchen... so we'll see if I'm getting another one after that... little fucking shit.

Fracture out.


  1. I am glad to hear you had a nice night.

    1. Thanks. It was definitely one for the books.

  2. You're gay? Hm, did not know that...

    1. I'm not picky, might be more accurate.

  3. A labcoat is a great gift, although I may be a little biased.

    1. I think so two. Em's got quite the mind on her. I'm sure she'll put it to good use.

  4. Damn. Even Fracture gets laid, and I don't.

    1. I blame the constant picture swapping and self righteousness. :p

    2. I blame that, and social anxiety, and the fact that my best pick up line is "Damn boy, are you from Prague? Because I'm Czech-ing you out"

    3. Its definitely the pick up line.

    4. I've never used it. But a boy once came up to me outside of French class and said "Are you from Ireland? Because my cock size is Dublin". It was a few days before I understood it and begrudgingly thought it was clever.

    5. I wouldn't advise using that one either. Its unladylike to go on about your cock size.

    6. To improve my chances I shall wear a paper bag over my head.