Monday, November 3, 2014

Suddenly Horse Shit

So I seem to have triggered a domino effect again myself. My efforts to prepare Moth to be a sacrifice seem to have pissed Nat off. Shes so mad, in fact, that the only person shes talking to is Devil and shes outright refusing to see Sloth the asshole shes supposed to be protecting or something.

Sloth, the mopey useless asshole that he is decided that he wasn't gonna work if that was the case and called me demanding I pick up the slack because this is my fault. Fine. Whatever. Fuck it. I don't need to be out and about hunting cultists down. I mean, I had a time sensative recruitment that needed to go down this week but I can always retrack that asshole down. So I come back to lend a hand and that Sloth refuses to do annnnnnything. He says hes going off to do things but I keep finding him napping in places he doesn't think I'll find him like under his bed, the dining room table, the closet, and even in the fucking cupboard. I swear to god if he put half the effort into his work as he does into hiding the Free Market would have taken over all of north america by now.

And trying to do this job is a gigantic pain in the ass now that I have Jack. He constantly bitches and whines that he has nothing to do, and that hes bored, and that this is child cruelty. I kicked him out of the loop. Now he keeps calling asking to be let back in. He is the neediest fucker. Hes worse than a car.

And while I was busy dealing with both of those useless shitheads sass, Moth up and fucking left and I have no idea where the fuck he went and that's gonna make it a serious pain in the ass to look after him if I can't fucking find him.

So I told Sloth I had had enough. The Free Market is his fucking problem now and I'll fucking leave it to crash and burn if he doesn't man the fuck up. I have other things I have to. He got down on his hands and knees and literally begged for another few days to take care of some business of his own before he resumes control.

Hes so fucking useless.

I as a head up to everyone, especially Nat, I'm at the compound so if you need something now is the time to ask.

Fracture out.

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