Friday, January 2, 2015

Competition for my heart

You know what I hate most about Loops? The sense of claustrophobia. The Lab isn't small, but it's a Loop, so it feels small. Every room, even the big living room, feels like it's two-foot-by-two-foot small. I don't know why. If I had to guess, I'd say it was because it's not real, and the mind can tell, and even though it looks like there's all that space to walk around in, the brain knows it's being tricked.

Or maybe magic fucking elves shoot invisible loads all over everything and it's taking up all the room. I don't know shit.

Basically, I'm walking around the Lab not doing anything, and it's driving me up the imaginary walls. I don't know what Fracture has me here for. I know he's up to something, he's always up to something, from the looks of something. But blog layouts? Seriously? I don't give a shit.

The most exciting thing that's happened to me since I got the mask pieces removed was yet another job offer from a completely different proxy. I'm starting to think I'm some kind of valuable commodity to these guys. Almost as soon as I'd set up an email, I got one from the 'Red Witch' down in Vegas. 

Now, look. I started this journey a timberwolf, then I was rogue, and now I'm... something else... but I've heard the rumblings already. That bitch in Vegas, she's the one everyone whispers about. Not scared whispering, really, but it's more like dread. Exhausted dread, like she's something they would rather not have happen but know they can't avoid. It creeps me right the fuck out, and I know that at least once when I was a timberwolf, a bunch of our guys got pummeled by her guys.

She and I, we got into a bit of a conversation, over a few days. Seems I'm not the only one she's courting for her operation, God knows why. Her given reason was 'the more, the merrier' but who's buying that? Personally I think it's just a standard proxy cell she likes to make people think is more mysterious than it is, which, whatever, proxys are all about mysticism it seems like. Or at least this weird cross-breed between mysticism and science. Fracture likes to pretend he's a doctor slash businessman, preaching and practicing medicine at the same time. 

Historically, not a great idea.

So of course I turned the Witch down. Who the hell accepts a job offer from a witch? Maybe I don't have anything going on here in the Lab, but at least what I do have is something I'm familiar with. Fracture is a shady bastard. But he's got me this far. Fuck it.

That's all there is to tell right now, I think. I'm still not a writer, and nothing much has changed since the last time I wrote one of these. That's a lie. Everything has changed. Everything is always changing, a world in flux in need of order. I'll report back when I have the chance and actual news to talk about.

'Red Witch.' What a fucking joke.


  1. I have an idea! Why don't you find some of the FUCKING GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES that are apparently pouring out of the walls of your fancy little loop and have yourself a cheese-filled mope party?

    It seems like everyone's in little dimensional cages. And here I was thinking we were special.

    Have a nice day!
    The Kor

    1. They aren't pouring out the walls. The fridge is full of them though.

      And if you ever get out of that loop, you're more than welcome to come join Cerberus's mope party. We'll make you feel special here!

  2. Now, You know. "Red Witches" are my field of work. I noticed You mentioned you were once one of those religious nut-job bastards. Forgive my intrusion though, my names Typo. Nice to meet you.