Saturday, January 10, 2015

Go Back to Where You Once Belonged


Rannnnng, do do do do.

Drum solo.

Good times.

Hey there. Fracture here.

So apparently the Red Witch is trying to recruit my people out from under me. That's classy as fuck, let me tell you. Although I supposed I did kind of still Cerberus to began with... what with the torturing, outing him to his own kind that he spill information and got a bunch of his own killed, and then dumping him in the desert to fend for himself while they hunted him like a dog.

I was being merciful. Le Croix wanted to kill him. That lady does not fuck around.

I do, however, consider it an honor that I rank as more trustworthy than Miss Red though. Eat it bitch!   ....Although that assumes Cerberus isn't just too lazy to leave. It presents an interesting conundrum.

I suppose I should take for affection, that which can be explained my laziness...

Ellipses aside, I consider this a big win.

Had an usual urge align that sentence to the right. Not sure whats up with that.

Moving along, Cerberus said a lot of nasty shit in his post. Which is kind of just how he is. His method of communication is something akin to a slew of insults. And you know what, that's fine. Call my blog layouts boring. Cause you know what? They are. Those are proxy problems and I fucking love them. Blogging is love. Blogging is life. Even more so for a lot of runners. But that can't afford the time they would need to make their blogs spiffy like mine. So I do it for those who can't. Its respects or something.

Also, I'm not a business man preaching and practicing medicine. That's ignorant. I'm a business man cultivating, collecting, and trading in the currency of the gods. One of the few things most fears respect, understand, and desire. I barter in life. Every afflicted soul hangs in the balance and there in power in influencing who goes where and when. For those who have seen into the abyss, there is no rest. Not in this life or the next.

If I take a moment to pointedly ignore the really foreboding, cryptic, concerning shit in slipped into his post, his last major concern was in how bored he was hanging out here. Well fine. Lets put your ass to work!

So I've sent Cerberus out to a place he should be pretty familiar with. Hes going back to Black Lake, where I originally abducted him. Its not the shit hole it was 2 and a half years go when Picasso, Moth, and Navi kicked off a domino effect that killed half the population and invited in a massive invasion of fear servants to try to take the town as their own.

After myself and the pseudo-proxy police force I had put in place had pushed the servants out of the town reconstruction started. The town had already half burned under the weight of the catastrophy and the fear servant siege so the official cover story was there was a massive fire and subsequent riots caused by further panic after some animal attacks before the police were able to get a hand on the situation and place everyone under martial law until help could arrive.

Since then things have slowly been returning to normal for that poor little town. Most of the survivors, who didn't take to running, have joined the town's secret proxy militia. A generation that truly understands from first hand experience how important it is to keep the town servant free... non-proxy servant at least.

But construction and renovation to rebuild the town saw a lot of strangers passing in and out of poor black lake and it is an absolute certainty that some of the new inhabitants of servants in disguise. And in the interest of keeping the town 'Neutral', you know the proxy controlled kind of neutral, I've made it my responsibility to keep the town free of the other servants.

So I'm sending Cerberus up there to eject a servant we've recently found evidence of. A Doll. Insanely dangerous game to hunt I know. And that's why I'm sending him with Ralph. Ralph, is a fire-starter. In fact, the only male fire-starter in Fire Cult history. And he was kind enough to abandon the fire cult and return to my side when 'the Fire' lost her shit and declared war on the rest of the Free Market.

He has full immunity for his actions Jen. I mean it. I need /SOME/ fire cultists if you're gonna be throwing these insane little fits and I need him more than most.

So.... good luck Cerberus and Ralph! Try not to die!

The Lord Guardian Fracture out!


  1. I think it's perfectly understandable for no one to trust me. I'm relatively new, was formerly tied to the Bureaucracy, and I have a dazzlingly beautiful smile. But recruiting your boys from beneath you? That's just for fun sometimes. Trust me, you'd know if I was looking to do some real damage, dear. And I'm not.

    1. I'd just as soon see you not do me any damage, 'real' or not.