Monday, March 9, 2015

Dog's Life: Finally a lead

Finally some shit worth talking about.

I know on my end, things have been kind of succinct. Uneventful. This Black Lake hunt isn't really something I wanted to do in the first place. Proxyism isn't, either, but what are you gonna do, right? So you can understand why I might be fuckin' reluctant to write about any of this, let alone the fact that up until now, I had fuck-all for leads.

I'm not exactly pleased as punch at how I got the goddamn leads though, I'll tell you that. Let me back up and explain.

I've been tailing Vallus for a while now. If you're reading this blog, you know who she is, you know that I've been on her trail, you know all this shit. But what you might have guessed, that I unfuckingfortunately did not, was that...she knew all of this shit too.

Yes, that bitch has let me trail her for weeks now, and never once bothered to pop over and say 'hello!'

I would be a lot more forgiving since she doesn't know what I look like, as such, only her fucking bitch friend showed up and, during our confrontation, decided to punch my lights out. That was fun. Almost got in a fist fight with a woman in broad daylight out on the street because she's touchy or something. Yeah, yeah, I promised, whatever. You don't hear me squealin.

The one useful thing to come out of this unfortunate encounter, besides the knowledge that I don't need to be as concerned about Vallus as I thought I did*, is that Vallus seems to believe our Doll is a police officer of some sort. Which, on the one hand, means that extra caution will be necessary. On the other, this is the first solid lead I've had since I got here, and since I'm basically working alone at this point it's good to have something to go on. Makes me feel damn swell, you know?

At this point I think it's worth noting that Ralph would likely make for a good investigative partner, if he weren't bound up in the motel room by Vallus' presence and the whole facade we have to keep up of just being regular tourists. I've gone out, seen a few sights, chatted with the locals a bit, smoked a few cigarettes.The usual cover story bullshit. But Ralph essentially can't go anywhere because if he does, he risks putting this whole thing in danger. It's frustrating, but until I've found our Doll or come up with something for him to do, he gets to chillax.

Lucky SOB.

A good magician never reveals his secrets, and so to it is with any good game plan. So I'm not putting my next move up publically until after the move's been made. Y'follow? But with a lead comes an actual, tangible direction for this that's my report. Hope you're happy Cat.


*Unless the note she had me pass on to Ralph was something serious. "I'm still going to kill you." The fuck does that mean? According to Ralph she's been sending him messages like that for years. Still haven't gotten around to asking him what that's about. Just hoping it won't interfere. Fucking Christ.

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  1. Vallus has always been violent and vague. Ever since she came out of her shell way back when I still ran an academy for aspiring stolen children being brainwashed into being proxies.

    Just, keep her flirting or talking. A reliable source tells me she goes quiet when its time to spill blood. Old mask habit I guess? Do yourself a favor and don't mention me. I hear shes still sore at me.

    You know, if you end up dealing with her again. I realize a lot of this information might be too little too late.