Friday, April 13, 2012


We have an interesting development here. Subject 926 has started reverting back to his dangerous unpredictable self in response to being returned to New York. This is seemly in response to his lost squad. He also hinted in his confused rage that he was feeling regret over the proxies he had needlessly cut down while he was ‘rampaging’ through New York. It seems likely that ‘proxy’ T01 is among those he feels guiltily about cutting down. Let us hope that is the case as it will make things all the more interesting when we send T02 after subject 926. With the right push, we can enforce new thought patterns and expand 926’s range of operations beyond simple killing. I have been eager for this.

On the other hand, his apprehension in New York will limit his range of function in this region and will most likely impede the trail. I could very well cause the trail to fail, it is rather severe. I’m taking steps to try to force him to see New York in a new light but the consequences of this will be beyond our control. As the old saying goes, once it starts it’ll be out of our hands.

We will have to trust young Ember to be a positive influence.

Are we agreed on this course of action?

Fracture out.


  1. Are we sure we don't have any alternatives here? We are putting an awful lot of faith into an undependable proxy.

    1. We can not hope control every action nor predict every response. Let the children play. Ember is of a good stock as far as people go. Definitely a proxy we can trust to do more good than harm.