Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cuddly Return

Hehe. Petty parodies. I'm such a petty proxy.

Ever friendly Fracture here with his secret sinister psychology in tow.
I have made sufficient progress with subject 926 of project 'Phoenix' and have finally deemed the situation stable enough to start reporting in. 926 has become rather accustomed to my presence and no longer constantly looks over my shoulder when I type. Our dear subject has calmed down sufficiently since we 'killed' him and command word 'P' took hold without driving the subject to start blindly killing everything in his path like last time.

I have ran him through scenario 23A and simulation 134J over the course of which he suffered only one major crisis in regards to his outright refusal to kill children. I believe 926 is now simply adverse to harming children and will do so from here on out if we so require it. We are currently on our way to site #4857FG while stage hands prepare scenario 01P for our arrival.

All associated parties please check in through the comments following your reading of this report.

Petty Proxy Fracture out.