Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Code 5

Oh dear.
We’ll… no, let’s ignore the bad news for a moment in favor of a status update.

I’m struggling with subject 926 right now for rather obvious reasons. It’s hard to strike a balance between keeping tensions high and actually pissing the shithead off. I thought redirecting his aggression towards me to keep him from drawing more attention to himself with random murders was a good idea but it’s netted me a broken collar bone. I’m trying to have it treated in secret but it’s hard to hide a back brace.

I also fear we may be showing too much of Subject 926’s flesh. Revealing the root of his insecurities is consistent with our subtle humiliation and weakness punishment routine but this may have been premature in light of immediate plans. While I have no worries that he will harden his skin now that it’s been exposed I don’t know that he’ll have time before the times comes for T02 to hit. Especially in light of special variables….

This brings us to the bad news. Executor has caught a whiff of our operation. I’m declaring a code 5 security risk. We’re temporarily cutting ties with all outside resources linked to this operation. Shoot the dog. He is a potential liability here. Fire, you need to begin steeling yourself with meditation and for the love of god get Sloth on dream suppressants. He’s a bigger liability then the dog in this situation. I’d have you shoot him too if he wasn’t such an important piece on the board.

Move people!
Fracture out.


  1. Severing ties, suppressing dreams, shooting the dog; it won't make a difference. I will be watching; walking through your heads awake or asleep, dream or no dream. Luckily, I am only here to observe.

    1. As if you could touch my head creature. Who's our weak link?

    2. Sorry...
      That medicine tastes funny...
      And makes me bleed out of my eyes and ears...

    3. Fire dear, forcibly administer the suppository.

    4. That is what they all say, Fracture. I have been working this job for generations now; you should calm yourself. For now I will watch; mainly because you do not want me to. Which intrigues me to question why.