Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's in God's Hands Now

So it’s probably safe to say we’re screwed.

In all seriousness, this is the hands off part of the scenario. It is a moment of truth. The outcome of this event will tell us if subject 926 is salvageable as an operative or if he is to remain a rabid animal that we dump on people we don’t like. I know it shouldn’t be a problem anymore but I am quite worried the programming won’t hold. I suppose it doesn’t really matter though. Picasso is expendable and we can just keep trying. If he fails long enough I’ll sure he’ll end up destroying himself and that’ll really be his own fault.

Either he is remolded or is destroyed destroying problems. Win freaking win.

Amy is so sure we’re going to break him. He’s already broken. That’s the problem. This is actually something more like reforging. And our forced onlooker, the executor, seems concerned with how free we leave subject 926. All that anger and confidence is what makes dear Duckie the dangerous vindictive thing he is and I would not see it dampened with a cage or a clipping or a fixing. The smart man has nothing to fear of fire. But his enemies always will.

Not a threat or anything,
Just a fact.


  1. The Fire guides you.

  2. I am intrigued and look forward to future developments with your subject.