Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Well I do believe that session provided the sweet revenge I was looking for. It almost gave me some bruises to match but Subject 926 finally chilled out. Not that I didn’t have to coach him down before his silly ass could find some peace.

I’ve not seen him quite so riled up since the incident with Picasso. I guess we’re calling her Firecracker now, hilarious considering she is terrified of explosions. I suppose I can always call her by her name, but she gets kind of pissy about that.

Although, she might be too distracted with Duckie throwing actual firecrackers at her to notice anything I say on here.

On a more concerning note, some snoop has been blogging and commenting around looking to get the drop on Father. Hard to blame her, I kind of did the same thing. What actually concerns me is Duckie has noticed and taken an interest. His obsession with the master is destructive. We could lose him if the moron was ever unfortunate enough to get his way.

I’m going to buy him some more firecrackers and we’ll see if throwing firecrackers at Firecracker is distracting enough to steal away his attention.

Fracture out.

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