Tuesday, June 19, 2012


New phone, new phone, god I love my new phone. It’s shiny and new and you’d love it too if it ever belonged to you!

But seriously, I hate this thing. It has none of my old information and I have to relook up contacts. People are dying. Many people don’t like to be found, and that’s why I had them in my fucking phone. So I wouldn’t have to find them. They were always just a fucking dial away. Wrath. WRAATTHH. I’m angry.


Now that my crack team of retards has fixed the red alert issue they created, things are finally starting to settle down. I’ve been throwing fights at Mask squad slowly. I’m letting them recover. Firecracker needed it. Dare I say it? She was rather burnt out. Hehe. Witty. I AM SO FUCKING WITTY. And angry. I need a way to get back at stupid fuck for breaking my phone.

I think it’s time for a psychological evaluation.
Fracture Out!


  1. Next time you should give more specific orders or do them yourself, ass.

    1. Not in the fucking mood today you overly literal bitch.