Wednesday, May 2, 2012

In Memory of Ralph

So Subject 926 passed.

We did it. We really did it. I would like to take this moment to thank Ralph, the man who was overseeing Duckie’s progress before me. I would like to thank him for failing at his job as hard as he did for if he hadn’t this victory would not have been possible. Thank you Ralph, may the shallow grave I left you in be violated often by all manner of horrible thing. Seriously Ralph, you sucked.

As an added bonus, I also got to try out overseer protocol 13A on Subject 926’s laptop. That was a lot of fun. I really got to lay into Duckie for the first time without having to worry about his constant love taps. I mean, it obviously didn’t work out for me in the end.  Poke the bear too hard and he’ll maul you,… or in my case break your left third rib. God fucking damn it that hurt. He didn’t even pierce the skin, just broke the rib. I had to cut into myself to set the bone. It was worth it though, more in principle than anything else though.

While we’re on sour notes, I noticed we have a new finger in the pot. I’m trying to play this one a little cooler than I did with Executor. They call him “Joseph” and he seems to be… well to be perfectly honest I have no idea what he’s after. Best guess, he’s legitimately trying to help Subject 926 which I couldn’t even began to understand. I could see it coming from Ember but not from “Joseph”. Doesn’t really matter though, the problem seems to have fixed itself with “Joseph”'s new promotion. I’m sure he’ll be far too busy to really make a difference now. I might stop by and congratulate him in person just to really rub it in his face. That would be the proper thing to do.

Fracture out!


  1. How did the visit with 'Joseph' go?

    1. Must you ruin every little thing Sully? There goes the surprise.