Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Better Place

This job is a hard one. I sometimes have long sleepless nights where I sit there in bed and remember all of the people who I’ve stomped on to bring Father’s game forward. Most of the time, I can push these bothersome thoughts aside. But sometimes it’s far too much to bare. A fractured mind is capable of so much but everything has its limits. It almost sickens me that this was the best I could have had in life. I wonder if my younger self would approve of this life? I hope so. Someone really should.

All those people I’ve killed, the poor saps I’ve driven insane, the lost souls I’ve manipulated into weapons for my Master. I remember this poor man… I skinned his grandson in front of him and pressed him into service on the threat that I would do the same to his granddaughter. Unfortunately she had to be present for that process. She’s still very much catatonic. She says his name sometimes…

“Jack… Jack…”
It’s heart breaking.

But then I think, ‘What if I hadn’t been there?’ What if someone else had been given the same task? I mean, it’s stupid to assume these tasks would have never happened without my existing. How much worse would these people be if some asshole had failed trying to do what I do?

I see my victim’s deaths being carried out improperly making them pointless when the point fails to get across. I see people being driven to madness through wholly ineffective means leaving them to face more hardship down the road when they finally come out of it. I see lost souls being tortured but never finding a new home or learning of the small comfort working for Him brings.

I see little Jack being slaughtered only for the man to refuse service and leave with his little catatonic brat at the first opportunity he got.

Countless atrocities committed for little, if any, gain making every act pointless.
I know from my heart that I make this world a better place…
Just not for everyone.
Fracture out.   :D


  1. ..., Did you write this because you were dissatisfied with Subject 926's depiction of you?

  2. You can not make every soul happy..

    Trying would make you an imbecile.

    1. How true, Irony. How true.

    2. I know from experience. Something tells me you have bolded your nickname for me for a reason.

    3. To highlight the irony,Irony.

    4. Why must you insist on calling me that?