Friday, May 18, 2012

The Big Boy Pants

Well that was an interesting turn of events. Try as subject 926 might to sound upset, suspicious, and paranoid; he certainly seems to be excited at the prospect of getting to lead a squad. Although I highly suspect being a squad leader means something else to him than it does to most. In his time with a squad, the squads were like small families with the squad leader acting as a head of the house hold. So I’m sure Duckie, on some level at least, is psyched that he finally gets to put on the big boy pants and be an adult.

I’ve been relishing my time spent away from him. I can finally use the path again to get around, which has been quite the incredible time saver. I had honestly forgotten how immensely useful that was. As those of you who are actually a part of my affairs know, I got to visit the compound. I also dropped in on a football game and popped over to England to pick up some tea. You know it’s still taxed to all hell there? It’s totally worth it though, in my opinion at least.

I still have things that need doing abroad but most of that is in site #4958 where Whisper has set up shop, in New York, or at the compound.  I’m thinking I really ought to check in on Duckie real soon here before he does something stupid. I figure he also needs me to make an appearance if he is going to make a Fracture squad member post.

Lets go see how Daddy’s pants are fitting him,
Fracture out.


  1. So Swan's taking the leash off, I see. What a relief.

    1. Now how exactly do you mean that Irony?