Friday, May 11, 2012

Math, Thou Art a Cruel Bitch

So, I have great news everyone. Subject 926 actually managed to pass his little Picasso test and with flying colors no less. I’m calling this experiment a complete success. It is undeniable proof that he can learn and be reprogrammed into something far more useful than a rabid dog. I’m so happy I stopped by Ralph’s grave on the way to Whisper and shot up his corpse some. People complain about beating a dead horse but that shit is fun. Fuck you Ralph. I was right, you were wrong.

Besides a nasty headache, little concussion, and her screaming for the entirety of the trip, Picasso seems to be doing well. We had her ‘Sentencing’ today. Hehe. As if I didn’t already know what was going to happen. He fixed her. She should be far more manageable now. I’m sure our nosy readers on Wrath is Eternal will have all kinds of questions over this but Duckie is both too stupid and stubborn to pay it any real mind. I’m sure he’ll just be happy to see her alive.

I bet he’s all kind of fidgety over his new squad. While that is fun, it is counterproductive for our new cause. For once this is not a test. Numbers are numbers and Whisper needs results if experiments are to resume. Buckle down people; we’re pulling double time in all departments. Sloth, you’re pulling quadruple time to make sure you’re working as hard as everyone else you slacking piece of shit! Move!

But like, tomorrow. Or never. You’re both fucking advisory position and neither of you ever seem to say shit.

Infinity times zero is still zero so… just stay the course I guess.
Fracture out!


  1. Telling Sloth to not be lazy is an oxymoron.

    1. Is meeting a stranger who is also A Friend an oxymoron or ironic?

    2. Good to know. I'm going to call you Irony.